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Sharing Your Story Made Easy.
Step 1 - Tell Us Your Story

Give us the details on your business, organization, town, or people, along with any notable news that you would like to share.  Our dedicated writing team will turn your story into a full featured News Article, following the AP style that the media requires.  Together, we will make it a fabulous piece that's ready to be featured in the news.

Within 1 week (or less), we provide you with a report of where your story appeared.  We provide you with the name of the news outlet as well as where and when it appeared.  We will also send you a 'Tear Sheet' of your news article so that you may keep it, show it, frame it, etc.  Additionally we will send you links to the media outlets so you can view the news story online as well.

Step 4 - We provide you with Reports and Tear Sheets

First, our knowledgeable writers know what stories will get placed and what won't get placed.  If we feel that you do not have a story that will not get published, we will let you know, and will not attempt to write your news story. 

However, in the event that we write your story and it does not get published with a nationally recognized news outlet, we refund your entire publishing fee back to you without any question.

We deal with every major media and news outlet in the U.S., we do not preclude your article from appearing in any news source, however, our guarantee states that your News Story will appear in at least 5 or more of these premium nationally recognized media and news companies as well as media and networks in your area. 

Our 4-Step Procedure and our Guarantee...
Step 2 - Review & Approve

The first draft of your news article will be ready within 48 hours or less.  We will send you a direct link so that you can preview the release and give us your feedback.  We are happy to provide revisions, and then add any photos or images to your story.  We will then need your final approval in order for us to solicit and distribute your story to the media outlets.

Once you approve it, we distribute it to our media outlets and connect with our target media contacts to ensure that the your news story is accepted and published.  We take special care of time-sensitive news as well, and should you have any questions, even after the release is sent, we're always available to help answer them. 

Step 3 - Solicit & Distribute
Do we get a copy of our News Story?

YES!  We provide you with the 'tear sheet' from each news source that publishes your feature news story.  We also provide re-print services should you want to frame your news article as shown below.  SEE OTHER FRAMED REPRINTS

We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see our pricing, though we cannot provide you with pricing until we know what type of company you have and what industry you are in. 

How much does this cost?
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